11 Fun Home Styling Tricks To Transform Your Home

If you want to transform your home, there are a plethora of fun and exciting things you can do to turn it into a place you’re seriously proud of! Your home should be a place in which you can relax and enjoy spending time in, and enjoy showing off to others! Styling your home just right so that it suits your needs and tastes is key if you want to enjoy living in your home.

Here are 11 fun home styling tricks that will help you to transform your home. Take a look and see what you can do! Click the images to shop.

Mix Different Furniture Styles

Don’t think you always have to match the furniture in your decor. Using matching furniture is actually kinda lazy and doesn’t always look the best. Mixing different furniture styles can be a lot of fun, and can actually make your decor look so much better than matching. Start by finding one unifying element, such as a colour, texture or shape to bring things together nicely.

Check out examples of furniture that has been mixed up to see how you can do this well.

Add Different Kinds Of Plants And Flowers

Plants and flowers are key in any home decor. They bring greenery and colour into a space, and even have health benefits. Flowers make us happier just by looking at them, and plants can clean the air that we breathe. They also bring much needed texture into your decor, whilst bringing the outdoors in. What more could you ask for? They are a must!

Don’t be afraid to mix different types and styles of plants and have multiple in a room so that you can create lots of leafy-green textures. They don’t have to be refined to just the living room/lounge either. Have them in the bedroom, the bathroom… or anywhere else of your choosing. I particularly love them hanging on walls or off of shelves. Urban Outfitters sell such a good range!

If you don’t want to deal with the upkeep of real plants, you could substitute with fake ones however you won’t get the same benefits mentioned above as you would if they were real.

Use Patterns To Create Optical Illusions

Patterns bring visual texture to a home, as well as creating optical illusions depending on what you want to do. Stripes on the walls or curtains can create the illusion of a higher ceiling and draw the eye upwards, making a small room look bigger. There are all kinds of smart ways to use patterns!

silver stripe wallpaper

Use Colour Psychology To Create The Effect That You Want

You can’t underestimate the importance of colour in your home decor; there are many psychological effects that can be linked! For example, blue is great for feelings of tranquility and yellow will evoke feelings of happiness. Red can signal danger, but it can also be energising. Research colour psychology so that you can use the colours that create the mood you want to feel in a particular room. It’s unlikely you’re going to want to use red in a bedroom!

Colour wheels can help you pair colours together beautifully, whether you want them to match, or whether you want them to contrast with one another. Clashing colours can look amazing and really make a fun statement in your decor!

Pay Attention To The Outside Of Your Home Too

Don’t forget to neglect the curb appeal of your home. Having a beautiful garden is great, and you don’t need to be a green-fingered pro gardener to do it. You could paint your front door to have a little fun with your exterior, and include all kinds of accessories and water features in your garden. When people are looking to invest in real estate, this is often one of the first things people look at. It’s worth remembering if you plan to sell one day. As soon as the weather improves, we are revamping our front door with grey paint and this cute bumble bee door knocker!

front door paint and exterior

Play With Unusual Shapes And Heights

Playing with unusual shapes and heights is a good idea. You can create a more balanced look this way, and there are all kinds of fun furniture shapes you can take advantage of. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and choose furniture that’s a little out there to create a stand out interior. Just make sure you truly love it and that it’s durable so that it stands the test of time and you haven’t got to replace it again in a few years.

the white company velvet sofa

Add Plenty Of Texture

Texture in your home is a must if you want it to look interesting and bring some depth into your space. Without texture, a home can often look boring and cold. What could be worse? You can add texture to your home by using rugs, cushions, throws, curtains, unusual accessories, and anything else you can think of. Just make sure you’re not going to make your home ridiculously hard to clean, and that the textures you select aren’t going to aggravate any allergies you or family members may have.

Incorporate Artwork That You Love

Every single home should have some form of artwork in it. No exceptions! It doesn’t matter if you want to create a gallery wall, or keep it simple with one huge piece that you really love. Here are some ideas for those who are new to artwork:
1. Commission a local artist whose style you like to create something for you
2. Find great artists on Instagram and enquire
3. Create your own art
4. Tear out images you love from magazines or print some on quality paper and frame them yourself

gallery wall with desenio prints
I order most of my prints from Desenio as I love their ranges and gallery wall inspiration. These are some of the prints we currently have in our living room!

If you decide to put up multiple pieces of art in the same space, then ensure to plan before they are put up. Do you want a uniformed or eclectic look? How will you position them? You could try cutting out cardboard in similar shapes and blue-tacking them to the wall to see what arrangement will look best.

Learn How To Layer

Layering pieces can make your home look far cosier and full of personality. Layering rugs is a popular choice, as is layering different sizes and styles of cushions for a modern look. You should make your home look super cosy – so much so that your guests always want to touch things when they visit!

Find A Way To Keep Things Balanced

Although you’re bringing in all of these fun things to your home and you want to make it exciting, you also want to find a way to keep things balanced. Make sure you find a way to balance cool and warm, hard and soft, neutral and colourful, and any other opposites that you can think of. Your home doesn’t have to be 100% symmetrical and balanced, but you should bear this in mind as you attempt to bring things together.

Give Your Furniture Room To Breathe

Make sure you give your furniture room to breathe – give it space, and even just pull it away from the wall a little. Otherwise, you might find that your home looks more claustrophobic than spacious. The last thing you want is for your furniture to look cramped! Pushing it against the wall might seem like you’re creating space, but you could actually be creating the illusion of a cramped, smaller space.

I hope these tricks help with the styling of your home!

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