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16 Ideas For A Baby’s First Easter Basket

With just a couple of weeks until Easter, I’m starting to prepare a little Easter box for Harper. As she will only be 8 months, I’ve been looking for substitutes to chocolate. I’ve been brimming with ideas looking and shopping online, and am trying to limit myself from going overboard! So, I thought I’d share some ideas should you be thinking of doing something special for your baby. I think the pieces in this post are suitable for a baby’s first Easter, so up to one year old and older, although always double check they are age appropriate and don’t contain small parts if buying!

I’ve included Easter and Non-Easter related products, as some follow the Easter theme but some are just pieces you could gift a/your baby. If the baby you’re buying for is under 6 months, essential things will probably be most useful!

I’m putting everything in a personalised Easter box that I have ordered on eBay and am currently waiting for it to arrive. These are some things I am going to put in the box when it arrives!

The ideas…

  • Teething products
  • Bubbles/bubble machine
  • Bath toys
  • Clothing/accessories/shoes – Easter animal themed, or ‘my first Easter’
  • Toys
  • Skincare/bubble bath/lotions
  • Books
  • Cute animal bath robe
  • Bibs
  • Pyjamas
  • Soft toys
  • Snacks
  • Bunny ears (just for an Easter day photo ha)
  • Headbands (with a nod to bunny ears!
  • Weaning/food equipment/cutlery, plates & bowls
  • Healthy snacks for them to munch on if 6+months

If you didn’t want to buy any of the above/ or your baby simply doesn’t need anything, another lovely idea is a sensory box. This is a great activity whilst baby is too young for an Easter egg hunt and chocolate. Fill a box with textured items such as bubble wrap, shredded paper, foil/crinkle material with hidden plastic eggs for them to try and find!

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