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3 Style Tips To Help Accessorise Your Outfits

As girls, we love to have endless outfit options planned out and knowing what works for our individual shapes and style. Planning them the night before or a few hours before you leave the house can also save hours – sometimes even days in advance for a night out – which almost eliminates all of the stress that can come with outfit planning, right? Wrong! Did you remember your accessories? They can really make or break an outfit and you should know how to style them correctly if you want to look the most chic that you can.

Wear a couple of pieces at a time

It helps to wear a couple of accessories at once, however some people make the mistake of piling on a ton of accessories together. Less is usually more so if you are wearing every accessory under the sun then no part of your outfit will stand out. The whole thing will end up feeling cluttered and your outfit will look worse for it as well. If you want to avoid this, it helps to choose a couple of accessories that will really bring your outfit together.

Choose jewellery that will enhance your look. Wear a necklace if you want to bring out your Joseph Ribkoff dresses or wear rings if you want people to look at your fresh manicure. The main thing you need to do is make sure that your jewellery isn’t trying to compete with one another.

I have always lived by the rule to either wear a statement necklace or statement earrings. Never both. Earrings that almost reach your shoulders (oversized!) have been a must-have statement piece for a couple of seasons now.

Be Bold and Daring

Pair bold accessories with some of your neutral coloured outfits so that they really stand out. If your wardrobe is generally quite a neutral colour palette, it gives you a perfect opportunity to play around with some of your brightly coloured accessories as well.

Or, you may think that neutral colours can make outfits look dull but the truth is that they can work with a huge range of other colours. You can mix and match your outfit and the accessories you have, turning your dull outfit into something special and on trend.

One of my favourite ways to accessorise and switch up a monochrome outfit is with a cross body bag in a bright yellow or red colour.

Yes- You Can Be TOO Matching

It may be tempting to go with a fashionable polka-dot dress with socks and earrings of the same colour. However, this should be avoided because if you match in your outfit too much it can make your outfit look childish or old fashioned.

Select accessories that reflect the outfit, but don’t match it. For example, if you have a red polka-dot dress then don’t pair this with red earrings, instead, opt for a silver stud. This reflects the polka-dot theme of the outfit but it doesn’t match the colour or the design in an obvious way. Little accessory changes like this can really make a difference to your outfit and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to really get the outfit you have always wanted without having to spend too much.

Lastly, I couldn’t complete a post on how to accessorise correctly without mentioning the straw/rattan bags that are out there everywhere currently! Not just suitable for the beach, these look chic for shopping, having lunch or wherever else you want to wear it! I have just purchased one from ASOS and I’m so excited for it to arrive.

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