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32 Week Pregnancy Update and Gender Reveal!

Since my last pregnancy update on here at 25 weeks, time has just been flying by, so I thought I’d do a little update and gender reveal… so keep reading to see if it’s pink or blue!

I will be 33 weeks on Friday – only 51 days until due date! Eeeeekkk..

bump photo

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I am still feeling good and super lucky that my symptoms have been so minimal. The weather has also been amazing and I will never complain about sun. However, night time and sleeping has been a little harder. I’ve never been one to sleep without a duvet/something covering me, however that has changed! My sleep is also getting disrupted as I’m waking up paranoid that I’m not on my left side! Turning over takes me so long and my bump isn’t even that big! Plus the extra trips to the toilet..! Luckily, my Leesa mattress has been helping me get the best possible nights sleep I can and my aches have been kept to a minimum!

I have also been suffering with hay fever and unable to take anything which has probably been the worst thing!

Luckily I have a desk job so aches and pains have been a rare occurrence but I can imagine how achy my back and legs would be if I had a standing job. Even a long walk is more of a work out than it used to be. I have been loving Pilates and want to continue for as long as I can, plus some yoga in the final weeks. I’m still yet to try an aquanatel class but I do have my first one booked. I need to get the use out of my maternity swimsuit from ASOS – the tie shoulders add such a cute touch.

bump photo


I have still not really expanded on my maternity wardrobe as it has been harder than I thought to dress up and make an effort when I’m not feeling in shape. I’ve only bought a couple more Maternity tops from ASOS but mostly I’m wearing core range pieces. I feel like I definitely want to push my style boundaries as much as I can over the next few weeks!

bump photo

Another reason I’ve reduced my spend on outfits and clothes is because of the amount of baby clothes I am buying instead: WE ARE HAVING A GIRL!! & I think she is going to have a better wardrobe than me from now on! Having a girl is an absolute dream & I think I already care more about her wardrobe than mine!

We have also been buying all the essentials and big things like the pushchair finally! I can’t believe how hard it was to decide on the pram! Eventually we chose a Mamas and Papas Ocarro in Sage Green – I’m so excited for it to arrive in store.

the Ocarro All Terrain Pushchair in Sage Green from Mamas and Papas

I have started to get bits ready for my hospital bag although I’m still feeling so disorganised compared to others who get prepared so early but I’m reassured by Jonny who tells me everything will be ready including the nursery!

bump photo

Skincare Saviour

In my pregnancy announcement post, I mentioned some new skincare I had just bought. It was the La Roche Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish Kit as I was getting hormonal acne and blemishes in the first trimester. I also had old ache scars that I was keen to reduce. This 3 step kit was added to my skincare routine that day and has stayed since!

  1. I clean my face in the shower with the foaming gel, which makes your skin feel so clean and fresh
  2. The Clarifying Toner is then applied using a cotton pad and it mattifies the skin making your pores feel tighter and skin smoother
  3. Finally, the Effaclar Duo is applied which corrects the appearance of imperfections, blemishes and pores.

The texture and tone of my skin has definitely improved since incorporating this into my daily routine. My scars are less visible so I feel more confident when not wearing make up and the amount of spots I used to get has dramatically reduced! The ‘pregnancy’ blemish I had also disappeared and hasn’t returned – I’m so happy with the results!

Overall, I’m enjoying my pregnancy so much more than I ever thought I would – the kicks are my favourite! Midwife appointments start to get frequent now so I will be seen every two weeks. This is where it starts getting real! I will aim to post updates more regularly too – what would you guys like to know? – Leave me a comment and I will answer next time!


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