4 Fabulous Home Furnishings To Upgrade Today

mustard coloured accent chair against a navy wall

We spend a lot of time in our homes; whether it is sleeping, socialising or cooking dinner; the daily wear and tear that your furniture faces each day can sometimes make your house feel more shabby than chic. I’m currently working to make each room in our home feel tranquil and relaxing, whilst maintaining their essential, practical properties. You can achieve both of these elements by upgrading your everyday furniture items that you’ve had for too many years. Even more reason to if things are broken! One of my favourite things to buy at the moment is homewear, having moved into our new build property 1 month ago!

Super Sofa

If your current couch is feeling rough or lumpy having been sat on for years on end, think about investing in brand new leather sofas and chairs for a touch of comfort, class and cosiness in your living room. You will be able to relax in a stylish setting after a long day at work. Make your sofa the chic centrepiece of your living area which a bold colour or luxurious fabric such as velvet.

Designer Desk

If you ever need to work from home or you run a small business it is important to have a sturdy and professional desk to work from. You can actually injure yourself if you work from an incorrectly positioned workstation. A tailor made desk to fit your working needs is a great option! Make sure you test it out before you jump in and make a purchase. Consider the height and stability and ensure that you also buy the correct chair to go with it so that you are seated suitably as you work. I dream of a gorgeous office space so I can make my desk goals a reality.

Tremendous Table

Another piece of furniture you should invest in is a solid dining table. If you often have guests round for dinner parties or you like to enjoy your evening meals in style, it is a must-have piece of furniture for your home. If you are short of space, there are some intricate designs out there which might be more suitable, such as foldaway dining tables. Just choose the finish which fits in with your décor. We still have our Scandi-styled table from the flat which works perfectly size-wise in our house. I personally prefer the clean, white look to oak or other wooden finishes because that fits in with our property being a new build. But, in my dream country cottage, something completely different would suit. We just bought 2 more chairs to accommodate guests.

Beautiful Bed

A good night’s sleep is so important but can often be taken for granted. If you’ve been suffering recently then you might want to consider changing up your sleeping arrangements. Whether it is a new mattress, pillows, bedsheets or new bed frame all together, make sure you’re going to bed feeling comfortable and at ease. You don’t want to risk having an uncomfortable night’s sleep for no reason. I am obsessed with Parisian styled beds with huge headboards – they look so elegant and sophisticated. This is my next furniture upgrade!

Initially, it may seem like a lot to invest in at first, but once your key pieces are in place, each and every room will offer some stable furniture. If you have an older house, new pieces will help to refresh and modernise the look of your home. You get what you pay for when it comes to these everyday items, so it’s worth investing now so you will have them for a long time to come.

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