6 Things I Have Learnt Since Blogging

February marks one year since I decided to start blogging, with the intention of sticking to it – and I have (although the last couple of months have been challenging!). I feel so lucky to have found something that I enjoy investing my time and energy into. Plus, I’ve got to enjoy those feelings of excitement when the hard work pays off!

The past year of blogging has involved 88 posts, growth on all my social media channels and collaborations with brands that I have long admired. However, I can’t sugarcoat it, it’s been no where near as easy as I initially thought it was going to be.

I quickly learnt that blogging is not just taking some casual outfit photos alongside a post. Although, the main aim is to make those photos look as natural and carefree as possible! Alongside blogging comes a whole host of extra ‘job responsibilities’ including being technologically savvy and multi-tasking to fit in blogging and a full time job.

The technological part of starting a blog was so stressful for me, particularly when upgrading to the sleek, professional website I was envisioning. My first mistake was paying for an upgrade through WordPress. Although this gives you a domain (your website address without the .wordpress included), it doesn’t come with the option to customise your blog and make it your own. If this is what your truly want to do, you should self-host through a hosting provider.

Invest early on

If you start blogging and find you absolutely want to continue and give it 100%, firstly invest in getting a domain (a web address you own). This will make your site look professional and gives you control over the customisation and design of your blog. I went with Siteground and would highly recommend. Their plans are affordable and their customer services team are always a live chat away. They helped me fix a number of technical issues I had at the start. I then bought my theme from Pipdig. Their designs are minimal but sleek and look so professional. I loved the design stage of launching my blog, although it’s stressful, it’s so rewarding to see your site really coming together!

Your interests and content may change

Initially when I started blogging, I planned to focus on interior design as I was starting to get really into it. The plans also included ‘lifestyle’ such as baking and travelling. I even thought about fitness as I was obsessed with going to the gym – yet I haven’t written one post about this!

Quite soon after my posts naturally gravitated towards being fashion and beauty based. I think I was just trying to avoid at the beginning to do something a bit different. I was quite surprised by how much I loved writing the beauty posts because fashion was more of a natural topic to me. I also find travel posts super fun to write, although I don’t travel anywhere near as much as I like to, which is the difficult part. Whichever niche you choose, you need to make sure you have plenty of content to post regularly. This can be why having less niches, the better.

Join Facebook groups.

I learnt so much from just from reading conversations between other bloggers. I joined a lot of groups to get this visibility although I didn’t engage massively because I don’t always feel bloggers are my target audience – depending on the content! The groups answered a lot of questions I had in the beginning before I found my feet. You can never have too much information to hand at the start!

Do your own thing

Ensure your content is authentic and YOU! You will gain zero satisfaction from replicating what’s already been done. Readers want to engage with the person behind the blog and feel like they connect with you, almost as if they know you in real life! Doing your own thing will also keep your posts looking consistent, fluid and unique to your handwriting!

Don’t say yes to everything

You’ll receive a lot of spam emails as a blogger. Most of it from brands you’ve never heard of asking you to write a post with absolutely no benefit to you. Whilst I have accepted a number of sponsored posts on a gifting basis only, I have done so because I like the brand to begin with and they fit my style. At the same time, know your worth. Considering how much time and effort goes into your posts, eventually you may want this to become viable. I have read one too many debates about this from other social media influencers but I think everyone should do what works best for them. I also think at the beginning, gifting basis posts are a fab way to create content and give you the experience to improve on your writing and photography.

Join influencer programmes

But don’t spread yourself too thinly. If you join too many programmes and schemes you will have to wait longer for payouts. As an example, I joined Shopstyle Collective at the beginning because their criteria was not as strict as RewardStyle. However, RewardStyle have since accepted me! Use this to your advantage by utilising both platforms with your outfits and product recommendations. Another programme that I love is called Influenster. The app is so easy to use and all you have to do is leave product reviews and the higher your score, the more chance you have of being sent products.

I hope this post helps you whether you have started blogging or are thinking of starting!

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