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A Spring Bouquet from Haute Florist Review

This post is in collaboration with Haute Florist who kindly gifted me flowers for an honest review.

haute florist spring bouquet review

Spring has arrived but it doesn’t really feel like it? Or is just me that feels like this?

Until, Haute Florist sent me a bouquet with serious Spring vibes! If you haven’t heard of Haute Florist, they have a beautiful website showcasing their stunning bouquets and hat boxes which you can order for next day delivery!

Each product has a fab name too. The bouquet in this post is called Sunburst and I have also recently reviewed the Antique Elegance bouquet. They are named perfectly to suit the flowers in the arrangement!

The Flowers

Yellow is one of my favourite colours for Spring/Summer so I love the bright yellow roses and Freesia in this Spring bouquet. The addition of Green Bell, pistacia and wheat definitely brings nature indoors!

‘Soothing shades of the blue Lisianthus paired with bright yellow Roses and Freesia create the perfect contrast of colours and textures.’

I love how much life this bouquet has. The freesias were tightly in a bud when I received them but they opened up after a few days which I have captured in the two photos below (taken one week later!). They also have such a lovely, delicate scent. I must admit I could smell this bouquet a lot more in the room than Antique Elegance which I love. It reminds you they are there.

The Service

The bouquet arrived carefully packaged and wrapped with a watered bag and flower food to keep them fresh. You also get a little ‘how to care for fresh flowers’ booklet with essential care tips plus some more detail for flowers such as roses and tulips. Perfect if you are not a flower expert but want to give your flowers as much longevity as possible.

The next day delivery just amazes me too. Thank you Haute Florist for delivering high quality flowers so quickly – impeccable service!

haute florist spring bouquet reviewSunburst bouquet from Haute Florist reviewSunburst bouquet from Haute Florist review

Sunburst at Golden Hour.

Sunburst at Golden Hour.


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