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April favourites

April favourites
1. Lace crop tops – Crop tops are definitely here to stay for Spring/Summer and I love this laced cotton top as it also has cute frills at the hems.
2. Topshop biker jacket – I love a biker jacket! Pastel suedes work perfectly as the weather gets warmer.
3. Rose gold cuff bracelet – Currently in a phase of much preferring cuffed bracelets over other bracelet styles as they are so simple but sophisticated.
4. Gingham playsuit – Gingham is currently such an on-trend pattern and such a versatile print for tops, dresses, trousers and accessories. This playsuit is so cute and I love that it incorporates the ruffled trend!
5. Tassel earrings – Enhance a plainer outfit with some striking tassel earrings, I love these as they are in a tri-colour of pastels, so a little more softer if you prefer this to brights.
6. Trench coats  – So it’s clear I love a coat/jacket (see my recent post on my new trench coat). I think they look so classic and are a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Also useful for those unpredictable April showers!
7. Ulla Johnson pink dress – Tiered, ruffled dresses especially in a midi-maxi length are really eye-catching and are perfect for a summery occasion if you have one coming up.
8. Yellow sunglasses – Yellow lensed sunglasses, they look so cool on and for just a small accessory they can add such a ray of sunshine to your outfit.
9. Studded shoes – Studs have really grown on me (I must have been looking at too much Valentino) but this high street pair are such a cute version of (currently in my ASOS basket waiting for me to buy them..)

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