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As always, at the end of each month I like to round up everything I have been longing for, and also show you some of my recent purchases. I have also included beauty this month as this is a close runner up to all of the fashion pieces I am…

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Probably one of my favourite holidays of the year; the autumnal colours, fairy lights, fields of orange pumpkins, it just takes me back to how much I loved it as a child. The dressing up element is definitely what excites me the most and this year is no different with…

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You may now be familiar with my love for the colour red as we enter the autumn/winter months, following on from one of my recent outfit posts featuring a gorgeous red knitted jumper from Lily Lulu Fashion. For a relaxed day of enjoying brunch before heading to Centre Parcs for…

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I was so excited to try these products from Deciem ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’ a few months ago, after seeing them featured in insta-worthy shots and hearing so many good things. If it’s not so familiar, The Ordinary is a clinical skincare brand that falls under the Deciem umbrella. Their…

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