Places to Visit in Kent; Whitstable and Canterbury

This weekend I went home to see my family and celebrate my brothers birthday in Kent, South East England. I appreciate the culture, history and beautiful coastal towns where I used to live so much more now I’m older so going home is like a little break away.

Whitstable is a cute little seaside town infamous for its oysters and other delicacies sold fresh at the harbour and in local restaurants. We walked through the bustling little town and then along Island Wall past endless colourful beach huts and this beautiful row of houses. Imagine living in this pink house with a sea view!

Came across a bit of street art in ‘Whitstabubble’ …

We then went to Canterbury, a cathedral city not far from Whitstable but with a very different feel (and more shops 😉).

The Falstaff Hotel is a traditional 15th century coaching inn that has been a focus for hospitality in Canterbury for over 600 years. The location is perfect with just a few steps to the Westgate Towers, Canterbury City centre and the Norman Cathedral.

Westgate Garden beside the River Stour looked beautiful in the sun and I was so tempted to do some punting!

The River Stour running through Canterbury town centre, next to the Old Weavers House. In the distance you can see the Ducking Stool, a remnant from the Medieval times, which served three purposes; a punishment for nagging wives and cheating businessmen and as a test when they believed someone was a witch! It’s incredible to know this is how different things used to be!

Sir John Boys House, also known as ‘The Crooked House’, dates back to the 17th century. Above the door is painted: ”a very old house bulging over the road…leaning forward, trying to see who was passing on the narrow pavement below….” – Charles Dickens 1849.

More coloured houses.. it’s an obsession.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Have you been to Canterbury or somewhere else in Kent?

  • Omg that is the cutest town!! So adorable! You captured it so well too

  • Those houses are absolutely adorable – I wouldn’t mind living there! This seems like the cutest town ever!
    Emily xx

  • What a beautiful little town. Those colored houses are so cute!

  • I’m loving the pub next to the canal, imagine sitting in the beer garden with a pint and just enjoying the day.
    Katja xxx

  • Jasmin N

    Oh my goodness that place looks amazing! Would love to visit there one day 🙂

  • Analesha

    Omg how cute are the houses here! Awesome photos too. Random fact- I love in Canterbury , but in New Zealand haha!

  • Oh wow, how cute a town can be! Those streets, buildings and rivers are all super lovely! 🙂

  • Wow, It really looks a beautiful town and I love the houses there I want to go there

  • Hey girl, great blog post, I love these cute little towns in England! I’ve been to Canterbury a few years ago, but your article makes me wanna explore more of these colorful old English towns! *.* Cheers, Natalie

  • What a gorgeous place to visit! Love the colorful houses, so pretty X –