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Bodens British Tweed Blazers

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve been a part of Boden’s brand ambassador programme for the last few months. This has involved showcasing a number of their pieces on the grid and giving my followers a 20% discount off Boden’s purchases! The link for the discount is in my Instagram bio. 

Boden are all about colour, all year around, even when the Great British Weather doesn’t agree.

As part of their new Autumn range, I chose one of their British-made tweed blazers as I find blazers so versatile. They don’t have to be just for smart workwear, although this is perfect timing now I’ve returned to work. They can also be worn casually on the weekend with trainers or jeans. I chose a size 10 as I wanted it to be slightly big for me than too small.

This blazer is available in 5 colours! It was a tough decision but I’m so happy with my choice of green. I don’t have loads of green in my wardrobe so this was a fab addition. (Yellow would have been my next choice).

The quality is amazing & I feel so British and sophisticated when I wear it. There’s also a surprise, contrast lining under the collar too.

If tweed isn’t your fabric of choice, ponte and cord blazers are also available!

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The pieces from Boden featured in this post were kindly gifted as part of a brand ambassador programme. This post contains affiliate links.


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