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It’s less than a week until a Christmas! Have you got your table decor in place ready for the big day? I have already spent a day celebrating Christmas with my family as I’ll be away for Christmas with Jonny’s family so I wanted to make my table look as…

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A bit of a life update: we have bought our first home!! It’s a dream come true but also the scariest feeling ever. Here come the real responsibilities of being in our own home. Hopefully it won’t feel too different to renting right!? So a little bit of the back…

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When I first started my blog, my main focus was going to be interior and home decor as it is one of my passions in life so finally here is a post on our new dining table and chairs. I’m most inspired by the scandinavian look as it is minimal…

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  Universal Lighting and Decor metal shade £155 – Umbra white home decor £15 – Word wall art £16 – Pink home decor £11 – Bellerby Co copper home accessory £2,920 – Marble Notebook Merci £4.10 – Glass home decor £1,545 – U Brands copper tray £20 – Modern office accessory £14 – Adjustable shelving   So, I…

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