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Celebrating Earth Day with Natural Beauty Products

Earth day



Today is Earth Day (22nd April), an event where people all over the world join together to show their support towards protecting the Earth, making more conscious decisions and being more environmentally friendly. Here are some small everyday changes you can make to contribute:

  • Use all-natural, organic and eco-friendly beauty products, see some great products above! Brands such as Caudalie contribute a percentage of their sales to organisations that work to protect the environment by planting trees
  • Check the labelling on your skin and beauty product to check how to recycle or whether the retailer has a program in place. & Other Stories will take an empty container for a 10% voucher off your next purchase!
  • Care for your clothes by washing at 30 degrees instead of 60 to reduce the energy being used and your money, air clothes naturally where possible instead of using dryers, and buy vintage pieces/take your unwanted clothes to charity shops.
  • Recycle your unwanted clothes with sustainable retailers such as H&M who take thousands of tonnes of clothes that can be reused, re-worn or recycled.
  • Take cute canvas/reusable bags with you on shopping trips instead of getting new plastic bags that end up in that cupboard in the kitchen!

These are more relevant to the fashion and beauty world, but there are so many other small changes you can make; turn off lights that don’t need to be on, use less paper at work and walk where possible instead of driving!


Happy Earth Day!


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