How To Create A Lasting Appeal of Mid-Century Modern At Home

Chevron Dining Table & Bench from Graham and Green

There’s something about mid-century modern home designs that get people starry eyed and swooning. But what is it about this decades-old style that people still find so very appealing? There are a few obvious, as well as some less obvious reasons that we have to consider. Keep reading to learn why you might want to fill your home with this style of furniture and my top mid-century modern furniture picks

High-Quality Designs

When an item is of a high quality design, it’s always going to carry some lasting appeal to homeowners. This is what a lot of it comes down to. If the designs are not good and visually impressive, this furniture would not be in demand the way it is today. Of course, there’s a huge variety out there in terms of design, but most of it was impressive and remains so to this day.

mid-century modern desk and chair

Durability and Simplicity

Most mid-century modern furniture is designed with simplicity in mind. The designs might be eye-catching but they’re rarely extravagant. That’s not what this design movement was about. It’s the simplicity that gives this style of furniture its lasting appeal, as well as the tendency to be very well-crafted, making them durable for decades to come.

The Power of Nostalgia?

There’s something undeniably appealing about walking into your home and feeling like you’ve stepped into the idealised past. When the modern bores you and futuristic styles don’t appeal; mid-century modern designs could suit your style. Even items like retro phones remain incredibly popular with many people. That’s not to say nostalgia is a bad thing, but it’s undeniably part of what makes these items popular.


Buying this style of furniture from this particular time period in history is all about collectibility, particularly as some items are rare and difficult to find. When they are found, the price tags attached to them can be huge. This doesn’t matter to many people but there are people out there such as furniture dealers, who enjoy building a collection of mid-century modern furniture in their homes.

Chevron Media Cabinet from Graham and Green

Affordable Alternatives Available to Everyone

Not every piece of furniture that holds the mid-century modern design was necessarily made in the middle of the last century. Many retailers such as Ikea now take inspiration from this style and range affordable versions. This has made mid-century modern furniture accessible to just about everyone, no matter their budget. This is good to know because many people still think they need to chase the original pieces. But why do that when you can find cheaper alternatives so easily?

To inject some mid-century modern items into your home, add a couple of the following vintage pieces to your existing decor. 

Lounge Chair


Sunburst Mirror

Wooden Furniture

The appeal of mid-century modern style doesn’t show any signs of losing its appeal any time soon. People keep returning to it again and again, and it’s not hard to see why when you consider the potential and creativity on offer.


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