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Designer Outerwear Worth The Investment

Since watching Stacey Dooley’s recent documentary on fashion, (admittedly one of my favourite things in life), a sense of guilt has loomed over me. All those visits to high street retailers buying pieces I didn’t really need so that I had that ‘trend’ in my wardrobe, ignorantly not aware or thinking about the insane impact mass-produced, fast-fashion is having on the environment and planet we live on.

I’ve already reduced my spending habits on clothing (it’s a start, right?!), and recycle my unwanted clothes. Instead of buying lots of budget pieces, I’m vowing to buy more investment pieces that will last a lifetime. Less is more. It’s all about curating a minimalistic capsule collection in my wardrobe with pieces that blend together.

Making The Investment

I have recently discovered OD’s Designer Clothing, a retailer that caters for men, women and kids looking for special, branded pieces. Their top brands include Hugo Boss (Men), Swarvoski Jewellery (ladies!) and Canada Goose (kids); something to suit the whole family!

Since it’s November (already!), and there’s talk of snow on the horizon, it’s the perfect time for a coat investment. You may remember my love for coats last year (post here) – It hasn’t gone away, but my mantra is to choose a coat and dedicate yourself to it! For Kids, Canada Goose coats offer a perfect combination of extreme functionality for braving the coldest of temperatures and serious style points. If you are currently looking for a coat to see your child through the winter months, boy or girl, the Canada Goose collection at OD’s Designer Clothing is a great place to start.

A timeless classic that won’t go out of style

The designs of Canada Goose kids coats are typically unisex, so if you have more than one child, they can definitely be passed down to siblings!

unisex canada goose coat kids

This coat amazingly has additional fabric in the sleeves allowing it to grow with your child and, if temperatures start to rise, it can be easily converted into a backpack!

Canada Goose for Women: Shop My Favourites


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