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Halloween Makeup and Character Ideas and Inspiration 

Probably one of my favourite holidays of the year; the autumnal colours, fairy lights, fields of orange pumpkins, it just takes me back to how much I loved it as a child. The dressing up element is definitely what excites me the most and this year is no different with a night out in London planned. Are you doing anything special this Halloween?

I have been scouring Pinterest over the last few weeks getting inspired for what I am going to dress up as and thought I’d have a go at some Halloween ‘looks’. I am not an MUA by any stretch so I used Pinterest to find ideas and then worked free hand incorporating what I liked from different images. Don’t be afraid if the lines aren’t perfect. As it’s a Halloween look you are creating, it gives you more flexibility and you can be less precise. I think it looks better when not so neat and gives more character!

I recreated the following looks using what I already had in my make up collection, plus some actual Halloween make up from a supermarket (super inexpensive). I have linked everything I used at the bottom of this post. I also chose looks that you can still look half pretty in as that is just what I’d personally prefer to do for a night out, but you can make them as scary as you desire!

Day of the Dead / Sugar Skull

Inspired by the Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead, this is more of a feminine skull look compared to a sinister black and white skull look. It is a great option is you want to get creative with all the little details! The flower head piece is from Boohoo; I love the gothic vibes. I used a wet look liner to create the smaller lines, a black eyeshadow for the eye patches and a Barry M matte lip kit. I think the fake blood smeared on the neck and chest is such a good thing to add for extra scare and is so inexpensive to do!


Since the recent release of the film ‘It’, I think there will be lots of Pennywise the Clown imitations out for Halloween this year. I would use more orange and purple colours around the eyes for a more dramatic and fun look but I couldn’t find the palette I thought I had to create this. For the lips, I used the shade 12 Brunette from the Bourjois Rouge Velvet range. Make the smile as wide and creepy looking as possible. This was my first attempt at a Halloween look but below you can see how much I improved. 


creepy clown, halloween

A classic costume/look for Halloween and it’s also quite easy to do. I added some red into my look but I think a simple black and white with harsh strokes can look really scary and bold. Focus on dark contour to create sunken holes in the cheeks, dark eye sockets and exposed teeth. For the lips, I used another one of Bourjois’ lipsticks in the shade 07 Joli carmin’ois. Their lipsticks are so easy to apply and leave a comfortable matte finish which lasts so well, perfect for an evening of Halloween celebrations. You can read more of my thoughts on their lipsticks here

Pop Art

amy victoria baldwin

Look like you have come straight out of a comic book with the pop-art inspired look! I love the cartoon effect of this although I was a bit disappointed with the outcome. This look was probably harder than all of the above as you can’t really afford to mess up with this one. You have to make sure the black lines are as clean and precise as possible. Another tip is to use a white product as pigmented as possible otherwise the dots and highlighted areas won’t stand out enough.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas! What do you plan as dressing up as for Halloween?

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