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9 Months Old: Harper’s Update

So, Harper has just turned 9 months old (I can’t believe it!), so I thought I’d do a little update. Lots has changed since the last post I did at 6 months old.


Weaning is in full force and I’m feeling more confident with it all. At the start I made lots of purees and she tried every fruit and vegetable going. She wasn’t fussy and ate almost everything! Then I started mixing 2 things, then 3 things together and so on. We also do baby led weaning alongside. I mix it up 50/50 I’d say. I’ve noticed with purees she is probably eating more and get more nutrients from it. But I want her to self-feed and practice motor skills. Although most of it she plays with and ends up on the floor! She is also very independent and likes to do it herself sometimes! By 7 months she was on 3 meals a day. I found the progression from nothing to 3 meals a day so quick especially since only starting 1 week before she turned 6 months with baby rice and porridge!

9 Month Old update

9 Month Old update

Sitting at six months

9 Month Old update

Trying to crawl – 7 Months

9 Month Old update

Pulling herself onto furniture!

9 Month Old update

9 Months Old

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9 Month Old update

Harper is still breastfed which I plan to do until she turns 1 and then I will see how she takes to weaning. I’ve reduced feeds in the day to allow for more solids but I don’t think she’s going to give it up easily!


It took Harper 7 months to sleep through the night! She always needed 1 or 2 feeds in the night. But to be honest I think she just relied on it to get back to sleep (rather than being hungry) as I always fed her when she woke without trying to settle her another way (oops).At 6 months, her sleep was horribly disrupted. I think this was due to weaning as it went on for 2-3 weeks once we started solids. She was waking every hour at one point! Then at 8 months I think there was another sleep regression, and a leap (Wonder Weeks), and just lots of new developments! However I seem to forget all the bad memories of broken sleep to be honest! 8 months also bought separation anxiety which is still ongoing. Bedtimes have been a bit of a nightmare and she won’t be left alone to go to sleep. So, I have had to resort to staying with her and holding her hand but it’s so much better than hearing her cry!Naps have always been difficult as she just hates to switch off. I think she gets this from me as I never nap and apparently didn’t when I was a baby either! I’m lucky if I get her down for 2 naps at the moment. When she should have been having 3, she was mostly only having 2. The morning nap is usually a lot easier than the afternoon.

Milestones Reached By 9 Months Old

I used to think Harper was slightly behind and used to take off the 2.5 weeks she was born early. She had no interest in rolling until about 6.5 months and then she really went for it. This also disturbed her sleep as she was far too busy rolling around in her cot and waking herself up sitting up!?She was also sitting on her own by this time and trying to crawl so it all came at once. At 8 months, she was going from tummy to sitting and was a lot more mobile, and was crawling by 8.5 months. She has also been desperate to stand and walk since then. Climbing furniture and pulling herself up to stand is currently her favourite thing to do. I think she will be walking by 10 months.She has been saying ‘mama’ since 8 months and for the last few days has been a lot more chatty with lots of other sounds. Dada is so close!Her two bottom teeth were through at 4.5 months, then the two next to them came through when we were waiting for the top two! The top two didn’t come through until 8 months so it was a long wait and a lot of dribble and red cheeks. Then the two next to the front teeth came through so she has 8 teeth by 9 months old!

I think that’s about it, but leave a comment if there’s something I haven’t covered & you want to know!


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