The Lipstick Colours you need for Autumn/Winter

A couple of weeks ago, Influenster (an app where you review products and can be sent products to review) kindly sent me a complimentary box of beauty products for testing purposes! I received a full collection of Bourjois’ new lipstick range, Rouge Velvet The Lipstick. You can imagine how excited I was when I knew that I would be receiving 12 of these lipsticks to try out! There is such a broad range of bold shades in this collection, from a nude, to deep pinks and even a deep purple – there is literally something to suit everybody! All 12 shades have a matte finish which I personally love, plus a fun name with a Parisian twist linked to a number to make life easier!

Colour Intensity

I love how the lipsticks have been matched so well to the outer cases so no faffing around trying to find the colour you are looking for! The colours then transfer onto your lips again closely matching the colour of the casing and adding an instant pop of colour to your face.

Application and wearability

The lipsticks have been shaped in a way that gives you more precision, ease and guidance with the definition when applying. They glide onto your lips so well because the textures are of a creamy formulation and then they mattify into a highly pigmented striking colour that feels weightless. My favourite part is that they don’t get a drying look or feel over time. This is thanks to the combination of hydrating waxes with light oils and rich pigments that make these lipsticks, helping to create a soft, velvety finish.


The innovation in these lipsticks is that they claim to provide a finish thats lasts for up to 24 hours. I’ve never understood the desire for a lippie to last that long – if the colours stays put all night I am perfectly happy, which these do! Honestly, trying to remove those swatches from both my hands and lips was not the easiest task!

Also included in this box was a transparent lip liner and primer. I’m excited to see how much this makes a difference to the application and the length of wear that I get out of my lipsticks!

With just one swipe of the lipstick, you can see from the swatches just how bold and pigmented the colours in this collection are, as well as the breadth of shades!

My top picks that are perfect for Autumn/Winter

It was so hard to pick just one favourite as all colours are so good but here are 3 that are perfect for the this season and upcoming months.

01 Magni-fig – A deep and intense purple, dark & mysterious, very saturated. This colour is a bit more out my comfort zone but I love how rich and pigmented it is, just with a layer or 2! In the winter, I think it will look amazing for an evening look.

03 Hyppink chic – A deep pink to illuminate the complexion. Pinks are probably the best colour for my complexion and they are perfect for everyday look.

07 Joli carmin’ois – A pepsy red with an orange undertone, so luminous for a bright smile. I absolutely love a classic red as it starts to get colder and we wear darker outfits – it also makes me feel a bit festive ha! Colours like this are also perfect for helping to create an illusion of whiter teeth!

I’m so glad these lipsticks found a way into my life! Would you try these lipsticks?

[I was kindly sent these products for free by Influenster however all thoughts and words here are my own]

Available from Boots UK for £8.99*

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