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Some of the Prettiest (Instagrammable) Spots in London

Even when rain was forecast for the whole day, I headed to London on Friday for a day of strolling around and seeing some friends in the evening – I was so lucky as it actually only ended up raining a couple of times for about 5 minutes a time (one when I was sitting in the window of Nero’s dry and warm feeling quite pleased with myself) lol!

There are some seriously pretty places in London, here are some of my favourites:

Regent Street – A shopping street of dreams, and did you know every building here is Grade II listed – the architecture is just stunning, I spend most of my time just looking up, when I’m not peeking inside the shops!

Chelsea – I just want to live here. There is such a nice busy feel as you walk down Kings Road and then just a few streets behind, the noise turns down and there are beautiful homes everywhere. How amazing is this pink pop of colour on the front door!?

Oh em gee, how adorable is this car..

Belgravia – A quieter, affluent neighbourhood away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Everything is just beautiful here (and expensive). I loved the colours used on the exterior of these buildings! 

Just another cute front door, it’s a bit of an obsession, if I’m honest with you.

The Fine Cheese Co. Belgravia – If you are a lover of cheese, this little shop and restaurant is a must. The exterior is also rather cute to just look at 😉

Mayfair – Another sophisticated neighbourhood with more beautiful buildings and streets to get lost down.

How gorgeous is this flower display by Wild Things Flowers! 

Liberty London in the West End, I am always in awe of this iconic department store, it is just such a striking building to look at.

Can you spot the wise words under the clock?

You can’t forget the beautiful flower displays outside of Liberty’s either.

You can always count on lots of flowers in London during the season of Spring – such an enchanting display by Fenwick of Bond Street. 

Charlotte Street Hotel – Ok this hotel is just beautiful. The reality of taking a picture of this building is hilarious. There were delivery vans outside for ages unloading, of course I had to wait for them to disappear before taking a photo. It just goes to show, most things usually aren’t as glamourous as they sometimes look online!

Have you been to London or would you like to go?

Where are your favourite places to visit if you have been?


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