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My Maternity Style At 25 Weeks Pregnant And Pregnancy Update

The weeks are flying by and I haven’t done any pregnancy updates or maternity style posts since my pregnancy announcement. So I thought at 25 weeks you may like a little update.

Pregnancy Update

I’m still feeling really good and much like my usual self so I’m treasuring this stage of the pregnancy before it all starts to get a little harder. My bump is still fairly small which has been my only area of concern. Although my Mum reassures me I still have plenty of time to get bigger – ha! It’s so easy to compare yourself to others that have tagged themselves in the same week of pregnancy with their really obvious bumps. I still feel like mine just looks like I’m bloated sometimes!

Keeping Fit

I am missing working out and pushing myself when keeping fit. Taking into account the tiny human growing inside me I had no idea what I could and couldn’t continue to do at the gym and during workouts. I always used to push myself quite hard and really go for it in my HIT workouts which I stopped in December.

Instead, I have been attending pregnancy yoga and Pilates classes to maintain some of the strength and fitness I used to have. Walking is also one of my favourite exercises! I plan to continue Pilates and try swimming over the next few weeks, plus yoga for the relaxation and breathing techniques in preparation for labour.

Getting Prepared

The amount we need to buy and the endless options out there in the baby market is slightly overwhelming. We have had a look around but still not made any of the big purchases. I can’t believe the only thing we have bought are some of baby’s first outfits!

Maternity Style

My high waisted jeans all stopped fitting early on despite the small bump as they were so uncomfortable when sitting down. As jeans are such a staple in my wardrobe, I’ve so far purchased 3 maternity pairs; black skinnies, light wash blue skinnies and a kick flare style.

Everything else I’m currently wearing is still core range such as the oversized white shirt from Zara in the above.

Remember, you can easily shop all of the outfits in this post on my Shop My Outfits page!

I am struggling a little with staying on trend as I don’t find many maternity ranges too inspiring! I’m reluctant to buy too much maternity wear given it’s only temporary and most things I like in Zara or Topshop won’t accommodate a bump. There’s lots of crops and cut outs in the shops right now!

Instead, I’m focusing on dresses since the weather has got so good in England! Generally, I’ve upped a size in all new tops and dresses to a 10.

I found this cute midi sundress in New Look which is such an on trend style right now – pregnant or not. I’m loving button through pieces but was finding that this style limited the amount of room, however the shape of this one allows my bump to sit nicely under the gathering.

Smock Tops and Dresses

I’m also loving smock tops and dresses as they still look cute but are so roomy! I only really want to buy pieces that I know I’d wear if I wasn’t pregnant and after my pregnancy. Although, I plan to buy lots of maternity basic tees as the bump grows as they can be easily dressed up and are affordable.

One of my favourite purchases recently has been this gorgeous white blazer from JDY (ASOS). It will continue to look chic all the way through pregnancy and helps dress up a plain tee and jeans outfit. I also have my eyes on a range of other colours for a more statement piece!

Shop my top picks here:

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