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My Affordable Beauty Buys This Month (May)

Tk Maxx is one of my favourite shops at the moment for beauty products. I love looking through all the colour coordinated displays and beautifully branded natural products to find some steals at a bargain discounted price. Such a good feeling when you find the last one on the shelf that you know wouldn’t be found anywhere else on the high street!

Here’s what I bought on my last visit:

2-in-1 face masks from the creme shop: 5 in a box for £4.99. Now we know Koreans are probably the most serious about skincare and have the most enviable clear skin. Not only that, I was drawn to the fact these promise to deliver the benefits of two masks with one application; charcoal and lemons. As well as these two nutritious ingredients, these masks are also infused with hyaluronic acid which retains moisture and keeps skin looking young and dewy. I can’t wait to try these.

Tk Maxx is full of Australian products which are all so simply but beautifully branded. I chose a rosehip hair mask from  Natural Sense Australia that I knew both me and partner could benefit from. Rose hope seed oil absorbs quickly and is perfect for hydrating a dry scalp. This oil is light weight so attracts and seals moisture into hair without an added weight or greasy appearance. Anti-oxidants in rose hip seed oil may also prevent grey hair by eliminating hydrogen peroxide build-up in follicles (one to think about!). This was also priced at £4.99.

Lastly, a couple of my make-up brushes needed replacing as they have become dry and my powder brush has been shedding hairs – extremely annoying, so I bought a new powder brush and a blush/contour brush from Bellabeauty. I felt these brushes before buying and they felt so soft I had to get them. They are cruelty-free with plush synthetic bristles, and the blush brush can be used with wet or dry cosmetic liquids, blushes and powders which is very useful. These brushes were only £4 each!

I wanted to buy so much more but seriously had to reign it in ha! Thanks for reading 😘


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