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My Birth Story

birth story - photo of me and my baby girl

I’m baaaack! You may have noticed I’ve had a little break from posting on here and if you follow me on Instagram you will know that things are a little different now a baby is on the scene!

5 weeks ago, our baby girl arrived and the days have been flying by, hardly giving me a chance to write a post. A night feed at 3.46am does give me some time to write however! Since motherhood will become an additional category on here, I thought I’d share my birth story, even though I’ve spent the last few weeks debating whether or not to share. It’s such a personal experience with some not very nice details but on the other hand I love reading others!

On the 31st July at 2.30am I was woken to my waters breaking which was terrifying. We both woke up straight away to literally a flooded bed. So. Much. Water. And it didn’t stop for ages. I feel like this post is already too graphic haha.

We headed up to the hospital and they confirmed waters had broken and scheduled us to come in for 10pm (if I wasn’t already in labour). Basically, the baby was coming within 24-48 hours! I was 37+4 weeks pregnant and did not feel 100% prepared – I still had muslins and blankets to buy! I always thought I would deliver early as during my scans and appointments the midwives could tell that her head was super low, however this was a little earlier than anticipated!

Hospital and back home

We got home from the hospital and I got back into bed, it was about 6.30am. It didn’t take long at all before a lower back ache started and I knew things were moving. Over the next couple of hours, contractions started thick and fast and the back ache was just getting more intense.

I called the labour ward and said I was in pain and about a 6 on a pain scale. As we’d only just returned from the hospital and I’d only scored myself a 6 in pain, they were keen for me to stay at home for a bit longer and advised me to take a bath and take 2 paracetamols which I did. I frantically downloaded a contraction timer app and they were coming every 2-3 minutes and lasting about 50 seconds.

Everything was moving so fast compared to what I imagined and I thought surely the contractions are so close together already!?

I called the hospital again and said I wasn’t coping with the pain and they told me to come in this time. I had to go into the Antenatel Day Assessment Unit as the labour ward had no available rooms. The midwife checked and I was 4cm dilated so no getting sent home thank God. The checking of how many cm’s dilated I was, was ridiculously painful I can’t lie.

As soon as there was a room available, they took me straight down as my labour was progressing so quickly. My birth plan included having a water birth and it didn’t even enter my mind to ask. Nor did anyone even ask to see my birth plan. Essentially, you can’t plan labour and a birth plan kinda goes out the window! To be honest, all I wanted was a bed in a private room and to get the labour over as soon as possible.

Welcoming Harper Rose

My full labour time was 155 minutes and honestly felt really quick looking back. I coped with just gas and air and Jonnys hand (lol) which I can’t believe I did. I always planned to only have gas and air if I could but it’s so hard to plan totally unaware of what the pain will be like. The thought of an epidural scared me more than labour itself. The gas and air didn’t make me feel sick or light headed thankfully. I think it took a little bit of the pain off but more so it was just something to bite down on and help me breathe through the contractions.

Honestly the pain was not how I expected it to be. I always imagined it to feel like severe period cramps which it did at the start but most of the pain was in my back and the pressure – it’s intense!

I always worried what if I didn’t know what to do during labour but your body just tells you. It’s amazing. My labour position was on all fours on the bed. It’s just how I felt more comfortable and I think gravity helps! I didn’t even care how I looked as my midwife was so lovely, rubbing my back and talking to me really soothingly. I think her telling me I could do it helped so much.

Everything went well and Harper was born at 12.24pm without any complications or intervention which I’m so grateful for.

However, the after birth was not so smooth. I had a internal 2nd degree tear which was high up and took 3 doctors to get to it to stitch up. In the process I lost more blood than they like and had to have a drip with me for the next 24 hours. The doctor also removed several large blood clots.. with her hand. This was probably the worst part as I didn’t have my baby in my arms for skin to skin and I had to breathe through more pain with the gas and air.

Afterwards I felt so tired and weak like I’d ran a marathon. I kept saying to the midwife I don’t feel normal! She said this is why it’s called labour haha!

If you got to the end of this, I hope you enjoyed reading! If there’s anything I didn’t cover or you want to ask questions, please leave a comment 🙂


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