New In My Makeup Bag: Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation

flat lay image of charlotte tilbury foundation, cards showing 2 of Charlotte tilburys 'looks', night cream and magic moisturising cream

Light Wonder Liquid Foundation

I thought it was time to change up my foundation as I have been wearing Rimmel’s Lasting Finish Foundation since my post on how I use Rimmel’s products to achieve a Summer glow. This was back in June, so the urge to switch up my makeup bag ready for a new season was on my mind. Although I do still love Rimmel’s foundation, I wanted to upgrade from a ‘high street’ foundation and invest in something more premium that matched my skin tone as closely as possible and give me more confidence whilst wearing it.

This is where the importance of friendly, helpful ambassadors working for the cosmetic brands comes into play! I had 3 different brands on my mind and headed to Harvey Nichols with a mission to find the perfect foundation.

First off was Fenty Beauty by Rihanna who has launched a massive 40-shade foundation range in a finish that isn’t too matte, and also not too shiny. I was so excited to explore her new range but unfortunately because it’s still hot off the press, there was a queue outside the building before you could even go near the products. I wasn’t really prepared to wait in the weekend queues so headed to Urban Decay to check out their All Nighter Foundation.

An important feature in a foundation for me, is that it lasts all day, which I heard this one can. Unfortunately, the lady working for Urban Decay made little effort to understand what I was looking for, quickly picked out a shade for me and then tried it on over the make up I was already wearing – I was not impressed. This gave me no idea of what the colour realistically looked like and looking at the colour in the bottle, it looked far too light. I didn’t even have any confidence that she had chosen the correct shade.

Obviously my foundation shopping was not going as planned!

Next on my agenda was Charlotte Tilbury. One of their MUA’s listened to what I wanted, which was a dewy finish, rather than matte, and chose the Light Wonder Foundation to try on me. Going above and beyond, the MUA completed a full look comprising of the Magic Cream, Bronze and Glow, the Retoucher Concealer, Airbrush Flawless Finish and the Cheek to Chic Blusher in ‘Ecstasy’. I’m so glad I now know that all of these products together can create my desired look. That is service! Thank you Charlotte Tilbury!

I have been wearing this foundation for my everyday look and love that it lasts all day. The coverage is good and I love how lightweight it is, especially with the magic cream moisturiser underneath.

Charlotte’s Magic Cream

I got a couple of tester sachets of the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream when I purchased the foundation and I love how it instantly hydrates your skin and brightens your complexion. In turn, this helps create the perfect base for your makeup to glide on over the top. It also contains an SPF and Rose Hip and Camellia Oils which contribute towards a dewy look.

Magic Night Rescue Cream

I was also given a sachet of the Charlotte Tilbury Night Cream. From my one and only time of trying this product I can only tell you it’s not what you’d expect a night cream to be like as the consistency is like a honey face mask. I’d recommend applying way before actually going to bed and giving it lots of time to absorb into your skin to reap the benefits of glowing skin. Otherwise, I expect most of it would come off on your pillow as the texture is quite sticky.

I don’t think this Night Cream would be for everyone based on these features so if possible, I’d recommend trying to get some samples first to try before you buy. It is quite expensive at £100 and I’m not sure if I’d be ready to make that sort of commitment just yet..

Eau de Parfum – Scent of a Dream

I even had a tester of Charlotte Tilbury’s fragrance ‘Scent of a Dream’. I have looked this up online and the perfume comes in such a pretty, elegant bottle. It’s quite a mature perfume, in that I mean my mum would probably love it, but I also enjoy wearing it because it feels so sophisticated. It blends zingy top notes of Lemon and Bergamot with a floral heart of Jasmine, Frankincense and Tuberose, a signature scent that Tilbury mixed for herself for over 30 years!

close up of foundation, with lipstick, candle and harvey nichols bag in the backgroundflat lay image of charlotte tilbury foundation, cards showing 2 of Charlotte tilburys 'looks', night cream and magic moisturising creamclose up of foundation packaging and tester of eau de parfum - scent of a dream

close up of night cream, magic cream and eau de parfum - scent of a dreamclose up of foundation bottle and eau de parfum - scent of a dream

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