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New Year Plans: It’s Time For A Girls Trip

photograph of a bustling street in York

After spending the last month or so having fun embracing all the festivities and spending time with family and friends, January blues have definitely hit. On the other hand, if you are also feeling a little deflated that it has all come to an end, a new year is the perfect opportunity to make new plans and set new goals.

If you’re missing the faces of your friends and besties, it’s time to start planning when you’ll see each other again. Better yet, plan a girls trip so that can spend longer together than you would when just having catch up drinks. This is a perfect way to have something to look forward to and get excited for in the weeks/months ahead.


To start planning a trip, a Whatsapp group makes life so much easier! Start throwing some ideas at one another to see what suits everyone. Timing and budgets are key to everyone getting involved and be able to come and enjoy themselves. It’s crucial that you lock down these elements of your getaway before you proceed any further. Once you’ve decided on how much you all have to spend collectively, have a date in the diary for when you are all free and are happy to book somewhere or something, the fun really starts!

This is where the new notebooks, pens and stationery that you got for Christmas comes into use! I love a new notebook to start a new year! Start making a list of your ideas on what you want to do this year with some of your favourite people and then share your ideas with the group!

photo of a group of friends smiling

Road Trip!

If you and your friends love the idea of a true adventure (with some pre-planned destinations, campsites, and places to eat of course); a road trip could be the perfect option for your girly getaway. Sites like let you discover the sort of vehicles you could potentially hire, and how you’d all fit into the space.

Make sure that there is more than one capable and qualified driver in the group so that the pressure isn’t on just one person. Stock up on lots of food and drinks and head out to some beautiful places to relax, explore, and take those Insta-worthy shots.

A road trip can be an affordable option when you want to get away and see some different areas of the country. Research beforehand what’s out there and where you might like to visit. Prior to visiting The Cotswolds, I spent so much time planning the route to ensure we could visit any many towns and villages as possible in a logistical order! Google Maps is your best friend for this!

photograph of a street in York

Retail Therapy

You and your friends might be more inclined to enjoy a break in a city. You could indulge in a variety of activities such as shopping, eating and drinking in some well-reviewed restaurants and bars or heading to the hotel spa for a facial and a manicure. If you want to treat yourselves to some retail therapy and pampering, check out some of the most popular cities around the UK, and make a shortlist for the group. Oxford, Bath and London are top of my list! The photos in this post were taken in York, another beautiful city destination! Weigh up the pros and cons of each place, then hunt down a great deal on a hotel before heading there by car or train and having a fabulous time together!

photography of a street in York

Have you made any girly plans for this year yet? If not, I hope this guide helps you make some plans and unforgettable memories with your friends!


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