The Ordinary Product Review: Are These ‘Anything But Ordinary’ Products As Good As They Sound?

I was so excited to try these products from Deciem ‘The Abnormal Beauty Company’ a few months ago, after seeing them featured in insta-worthy shots and hearing so many good things.

If it’s not so familiar, The Ordinary is a clinical skincare brand that falls under the Deciem umbrella. Their products are renowned for their ingenious formulations, all free of parabens, sulphates and mineral oils & amazingly affordable prices!

As tempted as I was to buy the whole range, I started with the following two products.

High-Spreadability Fluid Primer

I am always on the hunt for a good primer to help with the adherence of my make up and also make the application process easier. I chose their fragrance free primer as its mains features include improving the surface texture of your skin and also hydration, an important feature that I didn’t really take into consideration previously.

The texture of this primer is so soft and velvety and a small amount goes a long way, however it didn’t take long before I couldn’t get any more product out of the bottle. Because of the glass bottle and the consistency of the primer, you can’t manipulate the product to move so I’ve ended up with lots of waste around the sides that I can’t use and at the bottom where the dropper doesn’t reach. I don’t think the dropper applicator is overly suitable for the product as it doesn’t really pick it up too well. Overall I love the product, just not the packaging so much.

Lactic Acid 5% + HA 2%

I bought the very mild version in their lactic acid range as I wasn’t sure how my skin would react to the exfoliating acid. I’d definitely go for the 10% next time which is classed as mild because the formulation contains Tasmanian pepperberry which can reduce signs of inflammation and irritation associated with the use of acid. I don’t ordinarily have sensitive skin and found that my skin didn’t react (badly) at all from this product. It’s best to refer to Deciem’s website and read the product information pages to work out what would work best for you.

The main features of this product are to improve uneven skin tone, texture irregularities and fine lines which was exactly what I was looking for. It took a while for me to work out the best way to apply this product as it doesn’t tell you on the packaging and I didn’t know if I should keep on my skin or remove due to the exfoliation factor!

I’ve added this to my PM routine a couple of times a week rather than daily use, and I apply a small amount all over prior to a nighttime moisturiser. The formulation does leave a slightly sticky residue and also doesn’t smell overly pleasant which is why I put a lovely moisturiser over the top. Other than this I love the product, packaging and the results I have noticed, particularly in the texture and complexion of my skin – it’s much smoother and clearer since using this and the primer. I’m definitely seeing a difference in how my make up looks and lasts as well since using them both. I’d definitely try more products from The Ordinary because I still can’t believe how good the prices are and I now know the results are noticeable.

Have you tried any of The Ordinary products or is there something you’d love to try?

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