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Scandinavian inspired dining 

When I first started my blog, my main focus was going to be interior and home decor as it is one of my passions in life so finally here is a post on our new dining table and chairs. I’m most inspired by the scandinavian look as it is minimal but sleek and white makes the space look much lighter and airier. Here are some key scandi style points if this is also the look you are aiming to achieve:

  • Minimalism – if you are like me, clear the clutter and keep things simple, this helps me think clearer when I’m home!
  • Neutral colour palette – black, white, shades of grey – and pastels if you want to add some warmth
  • Texture – think fur rugs, knitted throws, layered and draping and lots of cushions
  • Wood – or any other natural material that can be functionally used for furniture or decoration
  • Plants – some greenery adds a splash of colour, gives an outdoorsy feel and can make the air feel cleaner and purified
  • Prints – clusters of prints in patterns, quotes and imagery look so visually striking on a white wall.


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