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Sensory Play Ideas for Baby

The products featured in this post were kindly gifted by Zimpli Kids.

At first I was slightly hesitant to accept these products to try with Harper as she is only 10.5 months old, and they are suitable for 3+. However, under careful supervision, they can be really good for sensory play!

Sensory play is a really important and beneficial part of babies development, especially when it gets a bit messy too! Although we go to a Baby Sensory class once a week, there’s not many other opportunities for her to play with something completely new for the first time.

Harper definitely likes to give things a go for herself and I can see how much she enjoys sensory play and using her sense of touch.

I did some research too and was reassured to see the products are 100% safe on skin (always do a little patch test before), manufactured in the UK, non toxic and environmentally friendly.

Here’s what we were sent:

Snoball Play

Harper loved this and was fascinated with the feeling and texture on her fingers. I had to keep my eye on her constantly as she definitely attempted to eat it a few times although it isn’t harmful if they do.

I made snowballs for Harper but they fall apart very easily. She mostly liked putting her hands into the bowl and then waving them around and watching the gelli fly off!

Glitter Slime Play

As soon as I put her in the bath with the slime, a big smile formed on her face. She knew is was different to a normal bath!

This one started fun but quickly got very slippery and she was sliding around the bath and stopped enjoying it as much. I think next time I’ll use this outside in a paddling pool!

Glitter Gelli Play

I think this is the same formulation as the snoballs!? But orange in colour and with glitter! As the weather is getting so much better in the UK, this was a perfect garden activity for Harper whilst sitting in the shade. I also preferred this as I was keeping the house clean! Tidying up is still required unfortunately as it can’t be left on the grass.

Overall, Harper had great fun with the products. They are fab for her to play with that’s different to her usual toys. She gets so stuck in and her concentration face makes me laugh! The products also do not get as messy as they look or as I expected.

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