Spinning Rings from Charlotte’s Web 

I didn’t even know that spinning rings were a thing (did you?!), until I was browsing Instagram and came across a moving image of a chunky statement ring made up of a number of bands that spun. This unique feature, not to mention the rings themselves are gorgeous, instantly captured my attention and I began browsing through all of the variations of mixed metals and beautifully coloured stones. I’ve been obsessed with the stacked ring look for quite some time now and my personal preference is silver, so when I saw a competition post a few days later to be in with a chance of winning one of their chunky flower rings, I had to enter, and tagged one of my friends who I knew would also approve of the rings.

I was so excited when I saw we had won, and when I received the ring, the high quality and craftsmanship was clear to see – most of their pieces of jewellery are handmade by skilled artisans including this ring. I love the chunkiness of this ring as it makes such a statement and the turquoise stone creates an eye-catching pop of colour.

The team at Charlotte’s Web are so accommodating, I needed to change the size of the ring, and they happily exchanged it with a super-fast delivery service. Huge thank you to them all for selecting me and making the process so easy! 

Shop some of my favourite pieces from their gorgeous range here!


  • Wow, the details are so nice. I love the designs and how the stone and flower compliments with each other.

    • Yes the attention to detail is amazing especially since they are handmade! Thanks for your comment! ☺️

  • I didn’t know what a spinning ring is either! But it’s a lovely concept! I really like yours, super pretty! xx corinne

  • thehouseturnedhome

    I’ve heard of spinning rings, I’ve just never before seen a picture of one. It looks beautiful!

  • Josselyn Radillo

    Omg it’s so cute and feminine and so boho at the same time. I love the design a lot it has a lot of details

  • Wow, there is so much detail all wrapped up in one little piece. I love the concept of these.

  • I love spinning rings! That is a gorgeous one!!

  • I think spinning rings were the original “fidget spinners.” I’m not much of a fidgeter, but I feel that if I had a spinning ring, I’d quickly become one 🙂

  • AHH how freaking beautiful! I love how much detail is packed into such a small work of art!

  • This is my first time hearing of spinning rings as well but they look absolutely beautiful . I will have to get one for myself x

  • I’ve never heard of spinning rings. They are so cute and stylish. Congrats on winning. What a score!

  • alisonrost

    This is my first time hearing of spinning rings, and they’re wonderful! Especially since they’re handmade. I’ll have to keep an eye out and pick one up for myself

  • It does look like a very beautiful ring. The turqoise is an especially nice touch to it all. I am sure my daughter would love something like this.

  • Elizabeth O.

    I didn’t know they were called spinning rings! How beautiful is that ring! It’s definitely something that you’d love to have as an accessory!

  • What a beautiful and unique ring – I love it!! Will have to check out Charlotte’s Web!

  • Nancy

    No. Never heard of spinning rings. Until today. Yours looks gorgeous on your pretty fingers!

  • This is so pretty <3 I love handmade jewellery, and can think of loads of outfits in my wardrobe that a ring like this would look great with 🙂

    Louise x

  • I had no idea spinning rings were such a thing either! I confess when I read the title I thought it had something to do with a spinning wheel, lol! So pretty though!

  • Never heard of spinning rings but it absolutely gorgeous!

  • Peachy A.

    It is my first time to hear about spinning rings and I think I like it. I might have to look for one… it’s so pretty.

  • Such beautiful rings. I never knew this was the name of this style of rings.

  • The ring is pretty! I love the turquoise stone on top! I need to get back to wearing rings.