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SS17 Denim Trends You Need To Know About

Denim peices paired together to create a full on denim outfit look so good at the moment, with all of the denim trends out there currently, this is so easy to do! Coloured denim and contrasting shades look twice as good dressed together in my books! Jeans have definitely moved on in 2017 and there are now so many more styles with a point of difference to the skinny jean (which I still love but have definitely been my everyday jean since forever now!). Here are some wardrobe essentials that I am just loving at the moment and with different shades and accessories, they can all be worn together without looking like denim overload.

This spring/summer, I am so excited to buy and wear these trends:

Embroidery. Embroiders flowers and butterflies in pretty pinks are so girly and make jeans look so cute!

Coloured denim. Bright white, pastels and brights, perfect for summery days and standing out with a pop of colour.

Mom jeans. I love the look of these and am looking for the perfect pair that look like they have come straight from the 80’s with a cool vibe and without looking frumpy of course!

Statement hems. Uneven/staggered hems, fringe hems and deep turn up hems, I can’t pick my favourite.

Two-toned. I love the contrasting panels of denims next to each other on one pair of jeans. It looks so striking – probably my favourite trend so far.

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend and Happy Shopping!


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