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As always, at the end of each month I like to round up everything I have been longing for, and also show you some of my recent purchases. I have also included beauty this month as this is a close runner up to all of the fashion pieces I am…

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Another month almost over, time to round up my current favourite fashion trends. I have felt so inspired this month thanks to all of the Spring/Summer 18 fashion week catwalks, collections and street style looks. Some of my favourite designers collections that have left a firm imprint in my mind…

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  It’s only August and still technically summer although I can already feel myself transitioning into an autumn/winter mindset with darker colours and layering pieces. Thanks to the great British weather, I already feel like summer is over *sigh* – It was fun while it lasted! Here are some pieces…

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        This month, my favourite pieces have come together in a very pink and red fashion, not intentional, but I am absolutely loving vibrant reds and millennial pink at the moment, and even more so paired together. Red always makes such a statement and pink always adds…

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