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A Weekend by the Suffolk Coast

I wasn’t planning on writing a post on our trip last weekend as I didn’t get to go to a fraction of places I wanted to go to and consequently didn’t even take many photos, but thought I’d share the ones I did get with you! Suffolk has so many cute towns and villages, near the coast and some further inland – we stayed in Ipswich and Woodbridge. This weekend wasn’t a good photo taking opportunity at all as the main reason we went was to watch not one, but two cricket games (not really my definition of fun 😴)

Ipswich – Some quick snaps as we flew through the town

This photo ⇣ is one of my favourites even though the quality is so bad (taken on insta-story)

We ate at Isaacs on the Quay in Ipswich overlooking the harbour which was beautiful especially as it started to get darker and the lights got twinklier (have I just made this word up..!?)

Can you spot the cute bike in this photo below.. hehe

My shirt is from Topshop which I got in the sale. I can’t find the exact one online but I have linked a similar one here. I was obsessed with the huge bell sleeves and there is also a cute little pink bow at the back.

I apologise for the awful iPhone quality here as the sun was setting. 🙈

We had drinks in a bar called The Cosy Club and I haven’t seen an interior like it! It was so cool! The walls were covered in framed portraits from all different eras, flags and prints and there were chandeliers hanging above vintage sofas and old chairs. It was definitely warm and cosy, and like going back in time into someones home.

Have you been or would you like to visit Suffolk?


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