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RSVP Ready With PLT Wedding Guest Dresses

(AD ~ This post is in collaboration with PrettyLittleThing. Dresses featured were kindly gifted).

Love it in the air with it being Valentine’s Day tomorrow and you may have started receiving invitations for 2019 (or 2020/21) weddings!

The search for wedding guest dresses can be quite tricky so I have learnt to buy a couple of suitable dresses as and when I see them so they are ready to be worn for the perfect occasion. Basically, even if you haven’t got any weddings to attend soon, it’s never too soon to make purchases and have options for when the time comes!

My 3 tips for choosing the right dress are; Number 1 – wear an appropriate length if you are attending a daytime ceremony. I wouldn’t worry as much if you are only attending the evening party. Number 2 – Colour. I personally wouldn’t wear white/cream/ivory or anything super pale as this the bride’s colour! I’d avoid anything too ‘bridal’ looking too. The last thing you want is to wear something comparable to the bride! Number 3 – Wear something that fits the venue. You may want to establish how overdressed or underdressed is suitable for the day.

PrettyLittleThing have a range of dresses that you could wear to attend a wedding. I think the following 3 dresses are all great options whilst being very different to each other!

Think Floral

You can’t go wrong with a floral printed dress and this one is super pretty and feminine. As soon as Spring hits, this print is perfect. I love the midi length, the pleats in the skirt, and the tie to cinch in the waist. This dress comes in 6 colours so if pink isn’t your preferred colour, try red or emerald!

pretty, pink florals make for a perfect wedding guest dress

pretty, pink florals make for a perfect wedding guest dress

Polka Dots

I am loving polka dots at the moment! I know it’s not a ground-breaking new trend but I definitely think it goes in and out – and right now, it’s in!

There are a lot of elements to this dress I love aside from the print; the chocolate brown colour, which I need more of in my wardrobe! And the one shoulder and ruffle sleeve which adds something a bit different!

Another polka-dot dress I have my eyes on is this maxi dress in beige and white from the Kae Sutherland x NA-KD collection!

i love this chocolate brown polka dot dress for a wedding guest outfit

Lady In Red

This dress makes me think of the red dress/dancing salsa lady emoji every time – I love it! It’s certainly fit for a perfect occasion and a wedding oozing with glamour. I love that it’s a chiffon material making it light and easy to wear all day and dance the night away. The little ruffle on sleeves is such a cute detail too!

All 3 of these dresses have hidden zips making them easy to wear and looking super fitted once on. I got a size 8 in all three too.


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