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3 Design Styles For An On Trend Conservatory in 2018

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Conservatories are fantastic spaces for holding dinner parties, relaxing in and even using as a home office.

There are three strong trends in interior design predicted for 2018, all of which are relatively easy to use within your conservatory. Floral patterns, vintage lighting and dark countertops and surfaces are the three main interior designs that will feature in this post. Once you get the structure of your conservatory up to date, adding accents of the following on trend designs could really give your conservatory the “wow” factor.


1. Floral Patterns

Here’s a little history on conservatories. They became popular with affluent people in the Victorian times. Plants were brought home from exotic world travel and were cared for in the conservatory. Conservatories evolved over time to become a place to relax in.

The floral pattern trend really lends itself to the heritage of the conservatory. Floral patterns look lovely in conservatories. You could either reupholster your furniture or accessories with floral cushions and rugs. Green and pastel shades will help to blend the boundaries between outdoors and indoors. This is perfect for the room that leaves the house and joins the garden.

Ensure your conservatory is sufficiently heated for year round use. You could purchase a plug in heater and if your conservatory is insulated the room will soon heat up. Or, as a more modern option you could consider infrared underfloor heating. It is easy to install and would give a luxurious heat to your room.

2. Vintage Lighting

The trend for vintage lighting is strong in 2018. There’s the option of replacing all your lighting with copper pendant lights for an updated look, or adding vintage style lamps. Getting the lighting right in a room is essential as it creates an atmosphere, important for entertaining!

Vintage is luxurious and adds a touch of elegance to any dinner party.

Good insulation is crucial for keeping your room cosy in the winter months. As heat rises, it is important to consider the construction material of your conservatory roof and replace if necessary. Modern glass roofs keep conservatories warm in the winter and cool in the summer, plus, they look stunning. You could consider installing a tiled roof, similar to that of your house.

3. Dark Surfaces

Dark surfaces and countertops give the perfect contrast to light, airy rooms even though they may not initially seem like the best option. If your conservatory contains your kitchen, choose dark work surfaces to stay on trend. Dark flooring could also be considered. The choice of flooring has a huge effect on how warm and cosy your conservatory is in the winter. Tiles are a practical option as they can be easily cleaned, however they can be cold. A good quality laminate or wood floor would give a warmer feel, with the benefit of being easy to clean too. Cover the wood or tiles with rugs in the winter to make the space warmer and remove in the summer.

Hopefully this article will help you get the most from your conservatory all year round whilst staying on trend with current interior design styles!

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