making rooms appear bigger with mirrors

4 Ways To Make Your Rooms Appear Bigger Than They Are

Most of us long for the next bigger and better thing and our homes are no different. However many of us aren’t fortunate enough to have a selection of large, spacious rooms to roam around in. But that’s okay. Everyone’s circumstances are different. You may prefer a smaller home because you simply don’t need any excess amounts of space as it would just be wasted on you. Or you live in a city like London and live more for the lifestyle than the space of your accommodation.

But for all of you that wish you could make your rooms appear bigger than they are – don’t worry – you can. You would be amazed at the illusions that you can create by a few simple features and techniques.

Here are some of my top tips to making rooms appear bigger than they really are.

Add some mirrors

making rooms appear bigger with mirrors

Mirrors are a very clever furnishing because not only are they extremely useful (for getting the perfect selfie or outfit shot!) – they also create the illusion of having more room.

The key to this is placing a mirror opposite where the light comes in. This then hits the mirror, bounces off it, and disperses around the room and opening the area up dramatically. You don’t even need to do anything – just make sure you place the mirror strategically to where there is a window, as artificial light doesn’t work as well compared to a natural source.

Remove the clutter

Clutter is a pain. It creates the illusion of mess where there isn’t necessarily mess – it just appears that way because things are out of place that shouldn’t be where they are. This then makes the room appear as if it is closing in because there are so many things scattered around. The simple way of fixing this is removing all of the clutter. Either throw it away completely, or find a home for it. You could even sell it! Anything will be better than just leaving it out without any purpose.

make room appear bigger

Bring in the light

There is nothing greater than natural light and sunlight. Curtains can look dated, and sometimes only really get their use in the winter months. Now that we are in Spring and heading towards Summer, you want to go lighter and more minimalistic to avoid using bulky space for no reason. If you want something over your windows that allows you to control what light comes in, and what light goes out, then white blinds are ideal for doing this. We opted for white blinds in our entire house and I have no regrets!

Brighten the walls

If your home is pretty dark on the inside due to the colour scheme that you have used on your walls and floor, it may be time to change that. The darker a room is, the cosier it becomes, and while there is nothing wrong with this, cosy tends to close things up a little, as opposed to opening them up – this is the opposite of what you are trying to achieve! By no means do you have to paint the walls white, but think about opting for a lighter shade of brown, blue, green – or whatever colour scheme you’re going for.

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