5 Spring Interior Design Trends

As February comes to an end (already!), Spring finally feels like it’s round the corner. *Ignores minus temperatures and snow forecasts for those of us in the U.K!*. I’m so ready for warmer climates and blue skies if you can’t already tell. With Spring, I just feel more energised and uplifted! It’s also my favourite time of the year to start concentrating on interior design trends and getting my home looking its best.

To start with, there’s the ‘Spring Clean’ to consider and an often overgrown garden to tend to at this time of year. Another priority for many of us is to start undertaking home renovation work, or even building an addition to your home. If this is you, you might want to check out for some innovative ideas on just how easy and efficient it can be to add additional space to your home with simple steel buildings.


Cielshop Spring Pastel Dining Chair Set Two

Vibrant pastel shades of gelato inspired colours are going to be a significant trend in both interiors and fashion this year. Picking out a perfect paint colour can be a lot like picking your favourite flavour of gelato, which can be a tough choice.  The good news is, this year, the trend is to utilise a palette of colours in a similar way to how you might have a few scoops of ice cream.


Natural fibre rugs and solid colour statement pieces are classics, but a trend we’ve seen this year by interior professionals is to liven up a space with rich and saturated colours. These can then either be positioned on the floor or even hung on the wall.

Think of an understated minimalist art gallery, with white washed walls, and one prominent piece of art hung in the centre of the wall.  Now, compare this to the cluttered curation of most homes that are way too busy and chaotic to feel the serenity one wishes to feel upon entering an art gallery.  Essentially, the trend is to de-clutter your walls and have one prominent piece of art in order to make one bold and congruent statement.


Furniture made from reclaimed pallets and fruit crates has been around for at least five years, yet this upcycled rustic trend is showing no signs of slowing; particularly with the invention of incredibly flexible LED string lights that create a warmth we all long for. Check out for some great inspiration.


Indoor plants are making a comeback this Spring, in a huge way. Hanging plants from shelves looks really interesting and feature plants in minimalist rooms makes them really stand out. The benefits of indoor plants include providing an injection of vibrancy and even improving health!

Sometimes “staying on trend” isn’t always about focusing on the trends that come and go. Instead, focus more on your personal preferences and create a home that you enjoy living in, rather than something that looks like it has come straight out of a glossy magazine!  If you choose items you love and worry less about the trends, your home will start to reflect your unique personality, which is what a home should do.

lounge room with couch

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