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This is a bit of a last minute, unplanned post that I’m currently writing whilst Harper naps! She is 6 months old today so I thought I’d write a little update alongside some photos we took yesterday! I can’t believe she is already half a year old! We went to…

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Harper has just moved into her own room so I thought now is probably the best time to show you some of her nursery! It’s not 100% finished and will probably be a constant work-in-progress as she grows, but whilst it’s still ‘new’, here are the close ups! My style…

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I remember feeling so overwhelmed by the vast market for baby products when I was pregnant, with no idea where to start and what was really ‘essential’ or just ‘desirable’. I was making endless checklists and constantly scouring the web for the best deals as prices for the same products…

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I’m baaaack! You may have noticed I’ve had a little break from posting on here and if you follow me on Instagram you will know that things are a little different now a baby is on the scene! 5 weeks ago, our baby girl arrived and the days have been…

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