Christmas Tree Decoration Inspiration

Our tree went up at the end of November, but if yours still isn’t up, and you need some inspiration, this post has got it covered! Or, you might be like me, and always looking to add new decorations! We have a real tree, like every year, and the colour scheme is very neutral; white, cream and soft gold. There’s also a couple of silver and rose gold baubles that I just didn’t want to leave off!ย I do like consistency and a general theme but I’m not that precious if there are a couple of odd decorations!ย We’ve actually only got hanging decorations and fairy lights on our treeย as I like a minimalistic approach. But, I’ll include some other types of decoration in this post under the styles.

These are some of my favourite decorations on our tree!

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

I love white as you can’t go wrong. It always looks fresh, wintery and will sit nicely in any room no matter what decor you have currently got. White, glittery snowflakes on our tree are one of my favourite additions.

Make A Statement With Multi-Colours

Moving on from silvers and golds, think all colours of the rainbow to really make a statement! Just choose whether you want to go with bold colours or pastels!

Dedication To One Colour

Instead of multi-colours, you could keep it tonal with just one in lots of shades. Blue and pink are good choices. I’m definitely thinking pink and silver next year.. I just need to convince the BF..

Keeping It Traditional

Red and green colours, and patterns such as tartan.ย When I think traditional, I think of lots of characters too, from The Christmas Nativity to Santa Clause and red robins.

Modern Novelty

Now that we are in 2018, you can put practically anything on a tree, whether it has a festive connotation or not. From unicorns, cupcakes and rainbows for the girls, to Star Wars for a male touch.

A Touch Of Personalisation

This is the first year that I’ve bought a personalised tree decoration for Harper’s first Christmas, but they also make fabulous Christmas presents for those newly engaged, celebrating baby’s first Christmas or to mark the year. You only want one or two personalised pieces on the tree ideally.

I hope this has helped you follow a theme or get inspired!

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