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Dining Room Decor Ideas for Your Next Big Dinner Party

woman preparing Christmas dining table

If you’re planning on inviting guests or family over soon for lunch or dinner then you’re probably thinking about how you can make your dining room to make it a little more appealing and pretty. Everything from the decor you use to the colours you pick can drastically change the look and feel of your dining room. It can set the tone for the evening and it creates the right atmosphere for your dinner party. However, if you’re not used to interior design then it can sometimes be difficult to pull this off without some assistance.

So whether it’s a housewarming party for your first home or to celebrate a special occasion, here are a couple of my dining room decor ideas that will add a touch of class to your next dinner party.

Setting the Table Correctly

One of the first things you need to think about is how you set your table. Since your guests will be mainly seated at the table, start by thinking about the colours and designs you want to use. This can lead to picking a theme. Ask yourself, do you want something generic that isn’t too bold, or do you want to make a statement? Look at some table setting ideas for inspiration and don’t be afraid to try something new. You can even completely change the way you set your table every time you have a different group of guests over so that it fits the occasion or mood perfectly.

Picking the Right Accessories

From restaurant-quality tablecloths to sparkling silverware, it’s important to use the right accessories for your dinner party. *Tip* Try and keep a separate set of silverware so that everything matches correctly. Avoid mixing and matching too many pieces if you can. Plates and dishes should also be matching, but this can often be difficult if you don’t already have a lot of these accessories on hand. In other words, consistency is important!

Stainless stain spoon on top of white table cover near plate

Illuminating the Evening

The last thing you want is for you and your guests to be eating in the dark or with a table lit by a dim lamp. An overhead light is preferable, but make sure you replace the bulb a day before the dinner party so that you’re a 100% sure it works and manages to light up the entire table. You may want a more elaborate lighting setup, but make sure you pick something that suits your own dining room.

The Art of Mixing and Matching

Many people much prefer an orderly room when they have dinner at their friend or family member’s home. However, if you’re a close group then you can experiment by mixing and matching certain things. For instance, colour-coordinated chairs are excellent because everyone has their favourite colour and knows where they will sit. Similarly, using personalised cutlery or tableware can add a unique touch to your dinner party that will be memorable and fun.


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