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Pregnancy Announcement and Update

pregnancy announcement with scan

So if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may know that I am pregnant – 21 weeks already! Our baby is due 17 August – also my birth month! I’m yet to publish anything on here so I thought it was about time. We had the 20 week anomaly scan last week so I was kind of waiting on that so we could be sure everything was ok with the baby – and so far, so good! I guess I always feel like posting might jinx things so I try to hold out for as long as possible!

I’ve also been super lucky and had hardly any symptoms so there’s isn’t too much to tell but keep reading to see which symptoms I have had.

I announced on Instagram at 14 weeks so to be out of the safe zone – I also waited until Valentine’s Day to make the day extra special and give it even more meaning and memories to remember.

I’m always hesitant to share too much of my personal life – I’m actually quite a reserved person underneath all of the social media accounts and like to keep some aspects of my life private. Because so far the pregnancy has gone so well – better than I ever imagined pregnancy to be like – I felt as soon as I said how good I’m feeling, it would all end. I know, I’m so superstitious!

In terms of symptoms, I had some morning sickness early on between 5-7 weeks but it was only as I woke up and brushed my teeth or walked into the kitchen (my sense of smell was so heightened!). And I was never actually really sick, just the nauseous feeling. I feel so lucky to have felt so good throughout most of my pregnancy so far.

This is also the stage that I felt so tired and was having the earliest nights ever but again only lasted a couple of weeks. Up until 12 weeks, I had a little dizziness now and then and a slow digestive system (no one ever talks about this one!). I also had a couple of annoying headaches and a blocked nose!? (also another symptom that kind of goes under the radar) plus a really tense, bloated stomach in the evenings.

At 12 weeks I had a 12 hour sickness bug which was just the worst. Nothing would stay down and I’m not even sure what caused it but I had the first scan the next day and the baby was fine luckily!

With the first trimester out of the way, most of these symptoms had gone and I had my energy back. Week 18 has been my favourite week so far as this is when I started feeling flutters. It’s like the baby is having a little dance and somersaulting around in there!

The 20 Week Scan

We found out the gender however this is a surprise until June when we reveal to our families and friends! The midwife said the baby is very energetic and hardly stayed still. And I will definitely feel a lot of kicks as the baby gets stronger!

20 week anomaly scan

I’m now concentrating on my skincare routine as I’ve noticed blemishes and some redness when I have no make up on. I also need to get rid of some of the scars that hormonal spots have given me! Yesterday I bought the La Roche Posay Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish Kit which comes recommended by Marie Claire so I will keep you posted on how that works for me!

If you have any questions on my pregnancy please comment below, x.

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